Strong as an oak, a roc or a grand sculpture of Jacques. The metal reminisces the clay, its surface has the roughness of skin after been ruined by work and time. An outline standing, a mass that opens, stretches out, disembowels, a stem smashed by an axe, a glimmer on a rind. Look again. The mask is hefty, thick, thunderous. Does it come from far, from Africa, antic theater? Is it a subtle baroque variation, a reminder of old times or of our childhood nightmares? The great vertical bronzes of Jacques, seem like the standing stones on the landscape of Britany. They reveal themselves with delicateness, like a glimpse of
sensuality in the evening air, just before nightfall.




Our image mirrors itself in the past, but projects itself in the future. And then becomes movement. The figures sag, bend down, twist, call out towards the sky. Denis’ bronzes expand, gain momentum, stretching in diagonals through the space. They stand out in light, drawing shades over the walls or wood panels on which they have been fixed. The metal outlines welcome us into presaging the future. Should we really want to foresee, we have no other choice but to stop. Stopping is the first step on the path to prophesying.


The painted sculptures of Jean Dessirier may seem alike the delicate flutter of birds at the start of Spring, they are somehow also daunting. They look at you straight in the eyes of the child you once were. One dares not move, afraid perhaps, to break the spell or interrupt the storyteller. Jean’s works are delicate paintings in multi dimensions. To me, they convey the seasons going by, the loneliness of a lover’s embrace, the vision of tentative, yet, welcoming sirens… The faces of Jean were drawn by a child and in their eyes, the adult is reminded with melancholy of time passing by and of the soothing stories that once used to be read to him.




Ronit paints large portraits with a disarming sincerity, allowing a peek behind the curtains, into our contemporaries' souls. Her performance consists of concentrating the light on key points in order to obtain the contrast and depth which will make the character beam at us, giving them the aura and dimension of an idol. With discontinued and whirling strokes, she carves the features of her model until their stare becomes the central element hypnotizing the spectator. Who are these obscure celebrities? The people we come across every day without really seeing them, whom we can at long last look right in the eye. The window to one's soul, as they say.